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During this webinar attendees will learn about the very significant problems with legacy Application Performance Management (Monitoring) tools. Threshholds - how do you know where to set them? Complexity - why are rocket scientists required? Diversity - do you really need 9 different APM tools? Throttle Settings - make no sense! How do you manage this? Measurement metrics - misleading metrics cause SLA contention Cloud and on-premise - what do we really need? Fit - where do APM tools fit well? Where don't they fit? Also to be presented will be new alternate technologies that re-position the use of legacy APM and provide broader potential for return on investment and optimized performance within your enterprise. For more information please go to and access our other free videos or register for more content including white papers, analyst comparisons... (more)

US Court Grounds Taiwan CEO

A US court has told Chen Lai-juh, the CEO of Taiwan LCD screen maker AU Optronics Corporation, not to leave the country until his trial on Justice Department-brought charges of price-fixing is over. A federal grand jury indicted Chen and a half-dozen other AU officials of years of price fixing back in June. Alleged victims include IBM, Apple and Dell. Six LCD suppliers had pleaded guilty to price fixing and have been ordered to pay upwards of $860 million in fines. ... (more)

Neon Asks Judge for Early Decision in IBM Antitrust Case

Neon Enterprise Software, the Texas mainframe ISV suing IBM for antitrust, isn't exactly leaning back in the saddle waiting for the trial to start next June, thanking its lucky stars that the district court - sua sponte - moved the proceedings up nine months. Nope. It's just asked the court for a partial summary judgment in the case as a matter of law based on evidence it collected during discovery. Now, unfortunately, because there's one of those consarn confidentiality agreements between the parties - you know how companies love to hide all the juicy embarrassing bits - the 10-page motion and all its attachments are under seal and the seal is so big nobody's even supposed to know what part of the multi-charge case Neon thinks can be resolved without troubling to empanel a jury. So that leaves guessing. Since Neon's motion was restricted by the court to only 10 pa... (more)

Gridstore to Demonstrate Next-Generation Scale-Out NAS Solution

Attention: Technology writers, editors, MSPs and SMBs What: Demonstration of Next-Generation Scale-Out NAS solution Who: Gridstore When: October 4-6, 2010 Where: Booth #758, MSPWorld, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, Calif. Gridstore, the leader in enterprise-class Network Attached Storage grid (NASg) solutions, will demonstrate its next-generation scale-out NAS solution in booth #758 at the MSPWorld conference, being held in Los Angeles Oct. 4-6.  Demonstrations will focus on the solution's innovative grid architecture and how it is changing the dynamics and economics of NAS for the MSP and SMB markets, enabling them to create storage pools that centralize sharing and management of massive amounts of NAS-stored files. By combining the simplicity, convenience and affordability of NAS with the scalability, performance and reliability of enterprise-class s... (more)

Mentora Group Chooses Nexsan for Cloud Storage Platform

Nexsan, an independent provider of disk-based storage systems, has announced that Mentora, a provider of testing, tuning, and hosting services for business-critical systems, has chosen high-density Nexsan storage systems to save valuable rack space in its data centers and provide reliable, flexible, high-capacity storage in a private cloud environment. In its deployment, Mentora is using multiple Nexsan storage systems, including a SATABeast® for disk-based backup and SASBeast® for the company's private virtual platform. Mentora architects, builds and maintains customer environments at top-tier data centers, each with hundreds of servers, in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and Washington, D.C., and delivers services nationwide to mid-market and large businesses. The company also provides application performance services for computing environments that include Oracle eBusines... (more)

Court Order Forces RIM to Change Name of New OS

RIM has had to change the name of its latest operating system to BlackBerry 10 after Basis International Ltd, a New Mexico ISV, claimed it owned the name BBX since 1985 and got a temporary restraining order Tuesday. The court told RIM not to use the name at a three-day conference it was holding in Asia. It is unclear if the company, which figures it's in a different market than Basis, will fight to keep the name or buy it off of Basis. BBX was supposed to represent the blending of RIM's legendary BlackBerry OS with the bought-in QNX operating system currently running its poorly selling PlayBook tablet that is also supposed to run the company's future line of smartphones. The company is writing off $485 million worth of Playbook inventory. With phone sales also in a slump, it doesn't expect to make its income target for the year either. That three-day service outage ... (more)

Novell Refuses to Let WordPerfect Antitrust Suit Die

The federal judge who's been minding Novell's billion-dollar WordPerfect antitrust suit threw out its remaining claims Monday theoretically bringing the generation-old dispute dating to Windows 95 and the reign of Bill Gates to an end. Novell however says it's going to appeal the bench ruling granting Microsoft's motion to dismiss as a matter of law. An eight-week trial in December ended in a hung jury of 11 to one in favor of Novell. Judge Frederick Motz said in his decision that "Although Novell presented evidence from which a jury could have found that Microsoft engaged in aggressive conduct, perhaps to monopolize or attempt to monopolize the applications market, it did not present evidence sufficient for a jury to find that Microsoft committed any acts that violated Section 2 [of the Sherman Antitrust Act] in maintaining its monopoly in the operating systems ... (more)

Microsoft Extracts Royalties from Linux User

Ahead of making a clean sweep of the Android device makers, Microsoft this week changed tack and nailed Dublin-based Amdocs Software Systems Ltd, the software contracting side of giant Amdoc Ltd, which supplies billing and CRM widgetry to big telecom carriers, for royalties on its Linux claims. As far as is known this is the first time anybody will be paying Microsoft for using Linux on their servers, a worrisome novelty for the Linux crowd. Microsoft is also getting IP rights out of the deal since it's a patent cross-license that it says "provides mutual access to each company's patent portfolio, including a license under Microsoft's patent portfolio covering Amdocs' use of Linux-based servers in its data centers." Microsoft made it clear it would be on the receiving end of the check. Linux defenders refuse to recognize that Microsoft has any IP rights invested in L... (more)

Analyst Takes Stab at HTC Royalty to Apple

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu think Apple is going to get $6-$8 in royalties on each Android phone HTC sells because of their weekend licensing arrangement that puts an end to all litigation between them. Of course, terms weren't disclosed and Wu's estimate could just be a shot in the dark. If the figures are on the money Apple would see an extra $180 million-$280 million a year, a negligible sum for Apple. He thinks it's less than the number Apple originally proposed. HTC's financial position has been deteriorating; it currently has only a 4% global market share, down from 10.3% year-over-year, below even Chinese handset maker ZTE. The payments to Apple will likely pressure its profitability some more. The Dow Jones says HTC initiated the settlement talks with Apple after setbacks in court. The settlement has raised questions about Apple's determination to pursue St... (more)

Book Review: Learning Objective-C 2.0

If I had to give this book a one word description, I would say it is 'balanced'. In the beginning of the book the author mentions that he does not want to right one of those books that list a little code and then explains the code, changes the code, explains those changes and so on and so on. At first he scared me. I have read some insanely wordy programming and engineering books. I have a much harder time getting through those than the type the author described. I was afraid this book would be one of those that I don't get anything out of except war stories from the author's career. That would not be all bad if the stories had anything to do with the book. I am happy to report that is not what happened. I found the author had just the right amount of discussion around the different language features he was covering. I thought that the offer had a very no nonsense app... (more)

Monster Patent Verdict Threatens to Cripple Marvell

The day after Christmas a federal jury in Pittsburgh stuffed a scuttle full of coal into Marvell Technology's stocking when it found the semiconductor company owed Carnegie Mellon University roughly $1.17 billion for infringing a couple of the school's patents. The award is right up there in the stratosphere with the $1.14 billion Apple won this summer off of Samsung for infringing the iPhone. Samsung can easily pay the judgment if it's upheld - even if it's increased for willfulness as Apple hopes. Marvell, on the other hand, which got nabbed for infringing patents related to the disk drives used in PCs and servers, has all of $2 billion in the bank so it could be looking at bankruptcy if the judge trebles the judgment. Even if the judge cuts the award Marvell will still have to come up with the interest accrued during any post-trial motions and a presumably long ap... (more)