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After getting bounced out of HP for God knows what former CEO Mark Hurd filed to sell $30 million worth of what he doubtless considers its ungrateful stock, ratcheted up by his cunning. Bloomberg picked up on his notice to the SEC that he intended to sell as many as 775,000 common shares. If he did it August 23 like the notice suggested he would have cleared about $30.3 million. ... (more)

Google Joins the Tech Wreck

After Intel and IBM came up short this week, Google's Q3 numbers were released early Thursday utterly surprising a market high on its business, an enthusiasm that had driven its stock to all-time highs. It missed big on both the top and bottom line, instantly creating a big sell-off of its high-flown stock, losing $19 billion in market cap, before it was halted at the company's request at $687.30, down roughly 70 bucks or 9%. It was not clear what was going on and whether the company actually intended an early release since it's unusual for a company like Google to post its numbers during the trading day. The release also looks like a draft with a placeholder for a quote from Larry Page. A half and hour or so after the crisis broke Google came out and blamed RR Donnelly, its filing agent, for sending its 8K to the SEC without authorization. Such an event is practica... (more)

HP Sues Mark Hurd

HP Tuesday sued its ousted CEO Mark Hurd to block him from going to work for Oracle as co-president, a job just announced Monday night. HP has taken its civil case to California's Superior Court in Santa Clara alleging misappropriation of trade secrets. It claims Hurd can't possibly do his new job at Oracle without putting HP in peril and complains that it paid him tens of millions of dollars in severance to sit on the sidelines and keep its secrets for two years. It is suing him under a confidentiality agreement, not a non-compete agreement. Non-competes generally don't get very far in the California courts. Oracle of course must have anticipated that HP would sue and just decided to brazen it out. ... (more)

DOJ May Block Google’s ITA Acquisition

Bloomberg followed by the Wall Street Journal said Thursday that the Justice Department is working on an antitrust suit to stop Google's $700 million acquisition of ITA Software, which provides online flight and ticket information to popular Internet booking sites. It would be the second time the DOJ has run up antitrust papers challenging Google's plans. It previously derailed a Google-Yahoo advertising pact. Both Bloomberg and the Journal say the DOJ isn't sure yet whether it will actually try to stay the ITA acquisition. Google triggered DOJ lawyers into wetting their pencils over Christmas when it demanded last month to know in 30 days whether the deal would be sanctioned or not. The deal was announced last July. Microsoft, Expedia, Sabre and others oppose the deal. Google is also facing serious privacy probes particularly in Europe and critics say its search eng... (more)

Oracle Wants Billions from Google Suit

Oracle is demanding billions of dollars in damages from its patent and copyright suit over Google's alleged misuse of Java in Android and it wants the world to know that it's demanding billions of dollars in damages from its patent and copyright suit over Google's alleged misuse of Java in Android. It doesn't want the court to file its "bill," so to speak, under seal like Google wants it to. According to patent watcher Florian Mueller, Oracle claims Google has been way too scissor-happy redacting documents and that Google's trying to hide information that isn't even confidential, let alone sensitive, such as the price Oracle paid for Sun, leaving the reading public with an "erroneous or distorted descriptions of the facts" and "misrepresentations" - like the depiction that Google's expert used a 50% royalty rate in his calculation - like the press reported - and "a... (more)

SAP UEM by Knoa Change Management

This product overview of SAP User Experience Management by Knoa details the advantages, performance and functionality of one of the leading products in the user experience management space as presented to ASUG in June 2012. View the video overview here [YouTube]. This specific video covers Change Management and Risk Reduction and is presented in two parts: PART 1 is the presentation that defines best practice in change management and associated risk reduction. PART 2 DEMO is the live demo that shows the various analytics dashboards that power the process from beginning to end. User experience management, also referred to as user experience monitoring, provide strong financial incentive and operational benefits to customers that utilize the technology. Knoa Software delivers on-premise and cloud-based solutions that monitor, measure and manage how end-users are util... (more)

Yahoo Raids Google for COO

Fresh back from maternity leave - she had a boy - Yahoo's latest CEO Marissa Mayer raided her former company to bring Google's VP of partner business solutions Henrique de Castro in as COO. He's supposed to worry about Yahoo's sales, operations, media and business development. The job is good for $56 million worth of stock, a million-dollar cash bonus to make up for what he left behind at Google and a $600,000 annual salary. He's evidently going to take some time off. He may not report for work before January 22. Before joining Google in 2006, de Castro was at Dell in sales and business development. Mayer has already brought in her own CFO ... (more)

Private Cloud - The Future of IT?

Cloud Computing can be realized through multiple implementation models. One of the implementations that is gaining a lot of interest is the Private Cloud.  This article attempts to look at the key attributes of an ideal Private Cloud and takes a futuristic view of the Private Cloud in an enterprise from the IaaS perspective. Private or Public, every Cloud implementation has to respect four key tenets. They are 1. Elasticity 2. Pay-By-Use 3. Self Service 4. Programmability Elasticity gives the illusion of infinity. Consumers of the Cloud will be able to scale up, scale out or scale down based on the demand for resources. Since this happens on the fly, applications can instantly scale to meet the demand. Pay-By-Use turns the CAPEX to OPEX. Instead of investing in a server farm upfront, the cost can be distributed based on the usage of resources. This is a significant be... (more)

Color Hollywood’s Cloud UltraViolet

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), a cross-industry consortium that everybody, darling, except Apple and Disney, where Steve Jobs is the largest stockholder, seems to belong to, is promising that digital movies and TV shows will be streamed from the cloud to multiple consumer devices like connected TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets maybe by next year. E-books, music and games are to come. DECE may not have all the authenticating cloud widgetry quite worked out yet but it now has a consumer brand and logo: UltraViolet. The technical specifications and licensing details - in negotiation for a while - are expected late this year. There's talk of a beta test this fall. Anyway, the idea is that all products and services branded UltraViolet are supposed to work together seamlessly. There will be one DRM standard. Still to be revealed are little items like h... (more)

Ex-IBM Higher-Up Could Do Six Months in Jail

U.S. federal prosecutors want former IBM server and chips chief Robert Moffat, supposedly a candidate to replace IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, to spend six months in jail for passing insider information to love interest New Castle Partners trader Danielle Chiesi, a prime player in the big Galleon hedge fund scandal. Moffat, who pleaded guilty to securities fraud charges back in March, is supposed to be sentenced on September 13. Reuters says U.S. attorneys told the judge their recommendation "is consistent with Moffat's plea agreement." They said, "As far as the government has determined, his motive was to help a woman with whom he was having an intimate, personal relationship." Problem was he knew "full well that she was going to execute securities trades for a hedge fund - one that had approximately $1 billion under management and whose trades could certainly move the m... (more)

Antivirus Player Gets $100m VC Investment

Summit Partners is making a $100 million bet on Prague antivirus house Avast Software's growth potential, exchanging its money for a minority piece of the action and a seat on the board. It was just the other day that Intel bought McAfee for $7.68 billion saying it would put some of McAfee's security widgetry in its chips. Summit also backed McAfee. Its other security investments include Postini (acquired by Google), SafeBoot Holdings BV (acquired by McAfee) and Sybari Software (acquired by Microsoft). The $100 million it's throwing into Avast is the Czech company's only outside investment to date. Avast, which doesn't have the profile of a Norton or even a McAfee - at least not in the U.S. - claims to protect one out of every five computers worldwide from malware, having gotten on most of them by virtue of its freeware. Avast has been using the so-called "freemium" ... (more)